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Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning

At Pittsburgh Services Rendered our janitorial cleaning services include general office cleaning and carpet cleaning, floor care and window washing. We provide janitorial services and commercial cleaning of office complexes, small business storefronts, medical offices, schools, and more.

Commercial cleaning is a job nobody notices until it's not done right. If Services Rendered does it's job correctly, you should never know we were there. In an office building for example, when people show up for work and use the restroom or break area, people take for granted that the faucets are always shiny and clean or the break table in the lunchroom is always wiped down and disinfected. Maybe it's not a movie star kind of job but commercial office cleaning is what we do.

Some jobs and locations are a bit more difficult than others and require a bit more care. All in all, at the end of the day it's an acheivement to have cleaned a large office space to the satisfaction of our customers. Commercial cleaning requires a fair amount of responsibility. Rarely is there someone standing over our shoulders making sure the job is done right. We clean the office space as if it was our own, or as if we worked there daily.

Stripping and waxing the floors is a job that gets noticed. If I walk into a store and the floors are in bad shape, I wonder about the cleanliness of the rest of the store. The same goes for windows in my opinion. When I take on a new commercial cleaning contract, the initial cleaning may cost a bit more than the regular servicing to get the location up to our standards. Service frequencies for commercial cleaning vary due to amount of traffic and the purpose of the space. Restaurants and smaller storefronts may get higher traffic in relation to the square footage and need a shorter cleaning schedule. Things can get messy in a hurry with our Pittsburgh Winters.

We love our work and it shows. Let the professionals at Pittsburgh Services Rendered make your entire office building look like new with our commercial cleaning services. We have over 10 years of cleaning experience in the Pittsburgh area. We are owner operated and customer approved. Call us at (412)657-5831, you'll see.

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