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Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Carpet Cleaning

Our Pittsburgh Services Rendered Carpet Cleaning services remove ground-in soil and revive your carpet's appearance. Additional services such as deodorizer and stain-resistant protective coatings are also available. Call on us to deliver first class upholstery cleaning as well.

When I started Services Rendered 10 years ago, I had to realize a painful fact. Pittsburgh Winters can be brutal and it rains alot in our fair city. I have spent my share of time in the snow , ice, and out in 10 degree weather. Ahhh Carpet Cleaning; yes indoor work is preferential in the dead of Winter. Carpet cleaning is another year round service we offer. We have specialized pressure equipment and the experience to use it. Clean carpets always seem to lift customer's spirits. Something about having a clean living environment tends to do that.

It's no secret; carpets cost money. Taking care of your carpet can increase it's useful lifetime by double. that saves you money and allows for a nicer living situation. Germs and bugs can find safe refuge in your carpeting as well. Rid yourself of them by having your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Call us for free estimates as always at (412) 657-5831 or email your contact information and carpet cleaning project requirements to dennis@pittsburghservicesrendered.com.

Let the professionals at Pittsburgh Services Rendered make your carpets look like new with our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. We have over 10 years of cleaning experience in the Pittsburgh area. We are owner operated and customer approved. Call us at (412)657-5831, you'll see.

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